All I Need is You

Silken dress

Baby you’re a hot mess

Living in a plastic world

But you're such a real girl 


And now I can’t believe

All of this is happening to me 

You make it so hard to breathe

Girl don’t let me down so easy now


Yeah I said

I can’t get you out of my head

Things ain't always quite so right 

But i can keep ya warm at night


Give me one more chance  

At this this we call romance

I'm not sure what is coming next

But I will give you my best


Girl someday

It's gonna be all okay

Living life is such a breeze

When I've got you here with me


And when were all grown up

None of this will be as tough

I know that this is kinda bold

But i wanna grow old with ya


I have never felt quite like this before

I have never felt quite like this before

Oh girl I'll see you in my dreams

Blake Ruby