If I were to fall would you fall with me

Just so you could hold me

Shape, heal me and mold me

 If I were to pull from gravity

Please will you just keep me

Please keep me around


Cause the world looks much more beautiful from way above the sky

But it's quite hard to be observant when my friends all wonder why

And I know I don't need oxygen when my life is just a dream

But being in the world not of it is much harder than it seems


If I were to fly would you fly with me

I hate simply existing

There's always something missing

I need you to fill my cavity

Black holes are enticing

It's hard to stay in the light


Most people live in color but I live in black and white

While many think that this is duller they just need to look at it right

This cosmic isolation keeps me placed among the stars

But the space that needs improvement is the space inside my heart


If I were to fall would I find myself in your arms

If I were to fly would you keep me from falling hard again

If I were to die would I find you still in my heart

Cause my life it seems is so torn apart

Please keep floating here with me



If this space is between us I can't live anymore

If this space is between us I don't think I can pick myself off the floor

I know that you're trying so hard living this way for me

I don’t think I can fall

Blake Ruby