Nashville-based soul artist Blake Ruby uses a blend of pop melodies, jazz improvisation and an honest, introspective, folk songwriting style to blur the lines of genre and musical taste.

After releasing his dorm-room-produced “not I” EP in the spring of 2017, Blake worked to improve his songwriting and mature his sound for his first full length release.  While the EP was a solo effort, Blake’s latest album “SPACE!!” was created with many of his close friends over the last two years and released in April 2019 with Acrophase Records.  The album consists of eight songs that navigate his desire to better love himself, close friendships, and God throughout his young adulthood. The album and EP have collected over 200,000 streams on Spotify so far. 

Blake’s band consists of Friends and long-time collaborators Quinn Reedy (guitar), Chris Roussell (drums), and Marcel Wiedmaier (bass), who together have played over 50 shows in 10 different cities across the country.  Blake is currently finishing a new 7-song record to be released throughout the fall and winter of 2019.