With a knack for sonic exploration and honest, introspective lyrics, 19-year-old artist and multi-instrumentalist Blake Ruby blends many genres and styles to create sounds much more mature than his age suggests. Growing up in Westminster, MD, Blake began to write and perform songs locally, but it wasn't until moving to Nashville to attend Belmont University that Blake's artistry began to form.

He quickly made a mark with the "not I" EP, which he recorded and produced in his dorm room in the Spring of 2017. The songs implement tight grooves and introspective lyrics, each song being unique yet still coherent to the vision of the project. Blake explains the purpose of the EP by saying, "I wrote these songs when I was learning a lot about myself, so I hope people will listen to them not just to learn about me, but to learn and understand themselves better. I'm not looking to just make people jump and dance, I want them to feel something, to feel a change of some sort."

Blake has since put together a band consisting of his close friends, Chris Roussell, Sam Soto, and Quinn Reedy, to play his songs live.  They are now all working on a new project of songs together.